A Guide on How To Choose A Diamond Necklace

Buying Guide On Choosing a Diamond Necklace

When talking about diamonds, rings are always the center of attraction… and other types of jewelry are often sidelined. However, diamonds can add grace to anything, especially necklaces.

A diamond necklace can get you glowing with its mesmerising sparkle. It can elevate the charm of your overall look. A diamond necklace holds a great sentimental value. And hence, it would make the best gift for your loved ones. It signifies how you are willing to go to extreme lengths for someone.

However, gifting a diamond necklace can be a tricky venture. Well, take it easy and continue reading. This article takes a deep dive into the journey of buying the right necklace.

How to Choose a Diamond Necklace?

Yes, buying a necklace is supposed to be like love at first sight - you see it, fall for it, and buy it. But, you might want to put in extra thought to pick a quintessential one. When buying a diamond ring, your only focus is the gem. But with a diamond necklace, you need to consider the stone as well as the chain. So, let's explore the two factors in detail:

Selecting the Right Diamond

Identifying the right diamond boils down to assessing the four C's - cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.

Cut: Diamonds are styled in different shapes to highlight their material properties. Factors like polish, symmetry, and depth of a diamond are classified into different types of diamond cuts. Round cut diamonds are the most popular and brilliant. Thanks to its timeless beauty, it best complements Indian diamond necklace designs.

Carat Weight: Though the weight isn't the most important factor here, it is best to opt for a slightly larger stone for a diamond necklace.

Clarity: it is important to go for a diamond with minimal flaws. However, you need to note that the price of a diamond depends on its perfection. Lesser the imperfections, pricier the diamond.

Color: Though a clear diamond is the best choice for engagement rings, jewelry aficionados suggest looking for a little color in your stone for necklaces; it adds a sublime contrast. Colorstones blend effortlessly with crystal clear gems.

Here's How You Can Choose the Right Necklace Chain

Usually, people only consider the pendant of the necklace. However, it is imperative to factor in the chain as well, after all, that's what holds the pendant. You need to analyse the two pivotal aspects of a chain - type and length - before making a decision.

Choosing the metal completely depends on individual preferences. So, you can either plump for gold, white gold, or rose gold. Once you have that in place, gauge the length of the chain.

Shorter chains look stunning on dresses and sarees, whereas long chains are perfect for closed or turtle necks.

And that's it… You are now ready to buy a dazzling diamond necklace for yourself or for a loved one.

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