5 Reasons Why Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

Reasons why diamonds are girl’s best friend

Diamonds are one of the most popular gemstones. They are the epitome of unending love. Diamonds are the purest carbon, the best known adamantine, the unbreakable, the hardest ever element on this earth... and the list goes on! If a ruby has incredible color, a pink sapphire looks flawless, and an emerald is elegantly green, a diamond is a sparkling crystal. No other gemstone can match the brilliance index of a diamond.

Though we often relate diamonds with romance and commitment, these crystals are much more than that. Allow us to illustrate why diamonds indeed are your true best friend.

Diamonds are very old

Diamonds are one of the oldest gemstones that have been utilized since the ancient era. There’s so much history that lives inside of them. As humans, we cannot even comprehend the significance of those years. It is impossible to imagine what the stones would have been through. Isn’t it thrilling how the history of the whole universe is cocooned inside these transparent crystals?

Diamonds are indestructible

Diamonds have faced incredible an amount of pressure and heat for billions of years. If you compare diamonds with other natural substances, this solid form of pure carbon is 50 times harder than the rest. Here’s a fun fact, only a diamond can even give a scratch to any diamonds. Therefore, if you’re looking for something valuable that will never wear off, diamonds are the way to go.

Diamonds are quality controlled

There’s no doubt about the fact that diamonds are indeed exorbitant. This compels us to think a zillion times before purchasing a diamond. But hey, let me tell you that diamonds never come without quality control and estimation of the price. So, remember that these expensive diamonds are worth it. However, watch out for traders who do not provide you with a certificate that determines the quality of each diamond characteristic – carat weight, cut, color, and clarity. Also, ensure that you do not get enticed by flashy discounts on diamonds. There is no way their gemstones are real. Always keep in mind that diamonds have a steady value.

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Diamonds are an incredible investment

We all want secured, long-term investments, don’t we? Then why is it that the idea of investing in diamonds is always overlooked? The truth is that diamonds are one of the smartest ways to invest safely and save up for tougher times. They are rare entities that are crisis-proof and will support you at the time of inflation, market collapse and demonization reforms. 

Diamonds are a status symbol

Diamond jewelry adornments have consistently represented high class and refined taste. Women have been wearing diamond jewelry for quite a long time because they have been related with strength, power, success, and class. Every time a woman adorns herself with diamond jewelry, people are often hypnotised by the elevated charm of a woman. 

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