The Significance of Mangalsutra in Hindu Marriages

Significance of Mangalsutra in Hindu Marriages

Every marriage involves an ornament, an emblem of their love and devotion towards the significant other. This piece of jewelry can be a wedding ring, a chain, a nose piece, bangles, or a toe ring. Mangalsutra, also known as an Indian wedding chain, is one such ornament that signifies an everlasting bond.

The word mangalsutra or mangalsutram is derived from a Sanskrit term 'mangal'. This means prosperous, successful, blessed, or auspicious. The word 'sutram', on the other hand, means cord. Traditionally, a mangalsutra is made using 108 (an auspicious number) fine cotton threads, bound together to make an ornament.

While the groom ties this auspicious thread around the bride's neck, the priest chants mantras. This signifies that the couple is now united and are responsible for each other's wellness. The mangalsutra is said to act as a shield for the bride against an evil eye.

However, the thread that unified two people reshaped into different forms. Let's explore the types of mangalsutras.

Coral Mangalsutra

The symbol of the union between Shiva (husband) and Shakti (wife), a mangalsutra ties the married couple into an inseparable bond. Married women are supposed to wear a mangalsutra throughout their life since it is believed to have the power of enhancing the good fortune of her husband and family.

The three knots of the mangalsutra represent the cornerstones of marriage - her obedience towards the husband, her commitment towards his parents, and an endless respect for God. Whereas, the tiny black beads around the chain are supposed to protect the family against negative energies.

Modern Mangalsutra

Times have changed, women have started supporting their partners by sharing the finances. And a professional career doesn't allow women to wear a heavy mangalsutra. Hence, jewelers began to design more modern and simple mangalsutras that suit the needs of today's women.

Bracelet Mangalsutra

A blend of traditional values and minimalistic preferences of the contemporary world, the main purpose of a bracelet mangalsutra is to complement modern outfits. It gives you the liberty to wear mangalsutra without compromising on your style quotient. Simple and delicate, it is a great add on to a married woman's ensemble.

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