Types Of Diamond Cuts: A Comprehensive Guide

Types Of Diamond Cuts

What would be the first picture in your mind when we say diamonds? We bet it would have been the most popular and classic diamond cut of all time—the round brilliant cut! But, diamonds can be crafted into multiple shapes with intricate cuts on the surface. The art of creating this perfect gem lies in the hands of excellent craftsmen.

 Often, the term 'diamond cut' is used as a synonym for diamond shape but they are completely different aspects of a diamond’s appearance. The diamond shape is the outline, while the diamond cut is the intricate arrangement of facets (cuts) on the surface of the diamond.

If you are curious to know more about the different types of diamond cuts, continue reading.

Types of Diamond Cuts

Oval Cut

An oval cut diamond is yet another excellent choice that reflects elegance and beauty in jewelry. The elongated shape gives it a modern touch and wonderful surface area brings out the best of an oval cut diamond. It is the perfect diamond cut to add in for classic graceful diamond jewelry.

Cushion Cut

A cushion cut features uniquely shaped edges for an impeccable appearance. The general shape of this cut can look like a square or a rectangle. The angles in this type of diamond cut are known for its fire, i.e. they give off colored light reflections.  It has a huge demand for vintage-styled jewelry

Princess Cut

The princess cut diamond is a suitable option for any style of jewelry. The marvellous contemporary shape of a square or emerald brings out the best of a princess cut diamond. It offers flexibility of fitting into several types of accessories. The color of the diamond is displayed in the centre but its distinct shades are seen in every corner. The most facets are seen on the crown and the pavilion, whereas a few on the girdle. It is a popular diamond cut among the modern designs of diamond jewelry.

Round Cut

The round cut is the most popular and classic diamond cut. It is crafted with great engineering for maximum sparkle. The dazzling design of a round cut diamond can leave you in awe! The round brilliant diamond cut is considered to be a premium craft and so it is expensive when compared to other types of diamond cuts. It lends an air of class to Indian diamond jewelry designs.

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Emerald Cut

The emerald cut diamond offers rectangular facets. The elongated surface, the subtle reflection, and the chiseled step cut provide deep clarity. The step cut on the corners make it stand out from the other types of diamond cuts. Instead of being luminous or fiery, the emerald cut is known to emphasize a diamond's transparency.

Marquise Cut

The design of Marquise cut diamonds features elliptical shape and pointed ends, adding a hint of drama. This timeless shape of diamond is ideal for rings for a more slender-looking style of jewelry. It is suitable for maximizing the carat weight by focusing on the size of the diamond.

 Pear Cut

The pear cut diamond looks like a teardrop, thus representing a strong emotional bond. It is an excellent combination of the round and marquise cut in one diamond. However, the tip of a pear cut diamond is delicate and prone to chipping.

 Radiant Cut

The radiant cut diamond is more durable than most diamond cuts. Though not as brilliant as the round cut, a radiant cut diamond too offers intense fire. The fine finish of a radiant cut provides a luminous sparkle that can make your heart skip a beat!

Asscher Cut

A bit similar to the emerald cut but the overall shape of an asscher cut diamond resembles a square. This diamond cut comes with octagonal outlines, and thus it is a good fit for vintage designs. It possesses a high crown and large step facets, reflecting a high shine and sparkle. Asscher diamond cut - a type of cut that signifies class and elegance is known to grab anyone's attention!

You may choose a particular diamond cut based on your style and personal liking. When you compare all types of diamond cuts, the timeless appearance, versatility and fire of a round cut make it the ideal choice.

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